Tip of the Day

Sometimes we may have to upgrade or reinstall wordpress manually when wordpress admin panel is not accessible for some reasons . Upgrading wordpress manually is a straightforward process . Just download new version of wordpress ,copy and extract it to your existing wordpress web directory . If you have cpanel access to your webhosting you can use it or you can use ftp to upload downloaded wordpress files . I strongly recommend that you backup your existing wordpress website files and database before overwrite it . Dont worry about the existing files wp-content , wp-plugins etc., being overwritten .Your content and configuration will be untouched . Existing WordPress configuration file wp-config will not be overwritten as the downloaded wordpress folder contains only sample configuration file .

You can access admin dash board once you done with copying new files . Admin page may prompt for database update If your new wordpress version has modified database structure . You can proceed to update the database . As of 20th august 2019 wordpress version is 5.2.2 .Wordpress 5.2.2 required php 5.6.20 but recommended version is 7.3 or greater .


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