Our business needs us  to stay  online  always and make ourselves available to  our clients . But at home , it may not possible to sit in front of  computer and wait for the customers to buzz .  So my requirements for gtalk were ,

One I wanted it to never go idle ,So that my clients will know that I am available  and the second,  I want the Gtalk chat alert sound more louder so that I can hear it from all  corners of my home.



To stay always available on Gtalk , I found a small application called gAlwaysidle (http://www.galwaysidle.com  , I dont know why their site is down now) . You just need to run the application and right click  on gtalk icon on taskbar and select the option wether  you want to keep gtalk always idle or never idle  .



Now , my second requirement is changing the default chat alert sound .

I downloaded resource tuner trail version from http://www.restuner.com/download.htm  and opened Gtalk.exe application with it .


Now i could change few things in gtalk like default icons and  default dialogs .


I selected 121 wave file under wave directory and selected edit resource from where I can replace it with my custom  sound file  ( before editing the file I did backup the file by clicking on Save Resource As).






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