My cousin gave me his iPhone and he bought  a blackberry  as  he liked the some of it’s  features like BB enterprise service , secure data transmition.

I am not a big fan of  iPhone  so i never used any of the feautures it got except , the internet tethering  .There is no dial up and no need to click on some connect button. Just connect the iPhone to the pc with  the usb cable…and internet is ready to browse . ofcourse it needs to have itunes installed on the pc which will configure the drivers for iPhone.





Two days back I Think , I  was just playing with the settings on my iphone  and enabled Voice Over , white on black  in accessbility options , and then I stuck there Icould not scroll the settings window to change the settings  back . After searching on forums and wasting  some time , finally  I found that it can be changed from itunes itself.

In iTunes ,Just selected the iphone under devices and clicked on universal access –  unselected  VoiceOver   ( selected neither) .

Also  I found an option to backup iPhone settings and data which is useful to recover the settings and data later in case of accidentally deleted .


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