If you are using Mac and have some windows desktop application which is java run time environment dependent ,you have few choices for running it on a Macintosh .

1 .dual boot with windows by using bootcamp.
You will see good performance with this solution as the entire system resources are spared for windows operating system. Downsides of this , You must have a licensed copy of windows OS and you must restart your computer in order to switch between Mac and windows desktops.

2. Using VMware , Parallels desktop.

With this solution you don’t need to restart your computer to enter windows operating system. Major disadvantage of this is system resources are shared between Mac and Windows as you will be running both operating systems simultaneously.

3. Install Wine on Mac.
Unlike VMware/parallels desktop, Wine will create a compatible layer of windows environment by converting windows API calls into Linux/free BSD POSIX calls .So running wine on Mac will save some system resources as wine itself is not a emulator. Downside of wine is , Not all applications are compatible with wine .

If you are having some JRE dependent windows application to run it using wine ,First install java for windows from here . Newer versions of JRE may not run well on Wine so choose some older version of JAVA from “Previous Releases – Java Archive” page . For example choose jre-6u25-windows-x64.exe .

Now you can install the downloaded file in several ways by right clicking on it and open with wine or open wine menu –>control panel —> Add and remove programs —>Install and navigate to downloaded file .
Now install the java based windows application and choose the installed application to run .


I had an application called VOS 3000 client which runs on windows only . I just installed it through wine and started using it on my MacBook Pro.


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