BUG: soft lockup – CPU#0 stuck for 67s! [migration/0:5].

I got this error a couple of times on centos server just after restarting  it . It just  stuck at boot screen .

I dont know what is the exact cause for this but  it booted normally when I did  powercycle the server at first time .

I think  this error is something related to device driver or something like  device driver uses spinlocks improperly.

But  the second time when it happend , i logged in to the server by booting from the grub menu with  acpi=off   switch at the end of kernel arguments


We can also increase the  kernel.softlockup_thresh  . for this ,

#sysctl -w kernel.softlockup_thresh=120

or edit

etc/sysctl.conf  to make it active at next reboot.















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