Installing and configuring ftp on Linux server

Ftp feature is  useful especially when  the linux server is in remote location  and we want to transfer files to server . Configuring ftp on linux is pretty straight forward  and may be the procedure is almost similar  in all  linux distros (   I should have put the post title as ‘configuring ftp on redhat linux’ for this post  […]

# All About My bash #

I am not a linux guru ! . But  in my work ,  I do say hello  at least once everyday  to my Linux servers  from bash . Bash is a unix/linux command shell to execute commands . You can find different command shells like tcsh,sh,zsh,bash in bin directoryetc., .  But my favourite&default command shell on our servers is ‘BASH‘ […]

Disable IPv6 on Exchange server

When our complete network is running on ip v4  ,why  do we need ipv6 enabled on our server  2008 ? let us unselect the ipv6  form  the network adapter properties ……  ho .. wait …wait..! I did it on my exchange server 2010 and ran into problems . If the windows version is  Windows sbs […]

Windows 7 slow down After installing service pack

Your computer slowed down just after installing service pack  ? Yeah ! I too faced the similar problem . I installed service pack on my windows 7  and as soon as I restarted the computer , Processor usage reached 50%  with no running applications. Finally found that the cause for this was a process called mscorsvw.exe […]

Setting java path for Tomcat

Most of the time many  people choose  to install Java sdk in /usr/java   directory.   After installing Tomact ( asking  jakarta  tomact ? or apache tomcat ?…. I think both are same   apache is group of projects and jakarta  is one of those projects name) , We may need to set the path of java home directory other […]

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