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Install Windows Java based desktop application on Mac

If you are using Mac and have some windows desktop application which is java run time environment dependent ,you have few choices for running it on a Macintosh . 1 .dual boot with windows by using bootcamp. You will see good performance with this solution as the entire system resources are spared for windows operating […]

Unable to Remove Webroot Secure anywhere on Mac

———————————- I have installed Webroot Secure anywhere on my macintosh system . But when I open Micorsoft Remote Desktop , Webroot keeps RDP window minimising for every few seconds . I tried to uninstall webroot SA from /Applications by shutting down the application and moving it to trash without success . I was unable to […]

Running windows applications on Mac without Vmware or parallel (Virtual emulators)

  How to run  windows applications without installing parallels or vmware kind of emulation softwares  ? How to use  windows applications without having bootcamp installed & rebooting mac  ? The answer is  install the application wine or CrossOver . Wine is an open source project  and free to use  but difficult to install for non-tech-savvy users .Crossover […]

Virtual Box and Virtual interfaces on mac os X ( loop back interfaces)

GNS3 on mac osx  – connecting gns3 lab to internet on mac osx – loopback interfaces on mac osx ———————————————————————————————————————————————————   When working with some applications we may need loop back interfaces.( I needed for GNS3 ,on which I could connect my gns3 lab routers to external world (internet) or vmware /virtual box guests on […]

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