Month: September 2014

Unable to Remove Webroot Secure anywhere on Mac

———————————- I have installed Webroot Secure anywhere on my macintosh system . But when I open Micorsoft Remote Desktop , Webroot keeps RDP window minimising for every few seconds . I tried to uninstall webroot SA from /Applications by shutting down the application and moving it to trash without success . I was unable to […]

Auto Start Oracle Virtual box VM

——————————- We can make Oracle virtual-box Vm start automatically when host system reboots. This can be done by attaching a batch file to scheduletasks in windows environment . Create a batch file that cotanins like .. “C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe” startvm “Gues-OS-Name” then create a basic schedule task and choose when system start option . If you […]

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