Month: May 2012

Installing htop on centOS

Htop is a linux processes viewing utility which is similar to built in ps –aux commands. Isntalling htop is simple if we have  gcc c++ ,ncurses-devel  ready on the mechain. cd / # wget-c # tar-xvf htop-0.8.3.tar.gz # cd htop-0.8.3 # yum install gcc c + + # yum install ncurses-devel #. / configure […]

Changing default passwords of elastix

Elastix , which is a free forked version of asterisk pbx product comes with integrated ready to use add-ons like a2billing  ( billing module for voip/telephony ) , vtigercrm  etc.,   After installing we must change default passwords for elastix admin , a2billing and vitigercrm admin . This can be done easily while installation time […]

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