Year: 2012

A2billing and Astersik

Finallly I got the Asterisk+freeswitch  in a single system up and running  with fusion pbx as front end for freeswitch  and A2billing for Astersik . You may wonder why we needed this complicated  single box all-in one setup . I wanted to use this setup for our office internal PBX   as well as integrating […]

Uninstalling freepbx and asterisk manually

  First stop asterisk . If you are running freepbx enter the command “amportal stop”   killall -9 safe_asterisk killall -9 asterisk then unload zaptel drivers lsmod | grep zaptel if this returns blank , skip this step if it retruns something like below then remove the drivers with modprobe command zaptel 214820 2 wcfxo,wctdm […]

Crontab in centos 6

      Getting  -bash: crontab: command not found  when i enter crontab -e  command , I figured it out after googling around ,  that crontab package is replaced by “cronie” in enterprise linux 6. I confirmed it [root@localhost ~]# rpm -qf `which crontab` cronie-1.4.4-7.el6.x86_64 So i did…………….. # yum install cronie    

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