Month: August 2011

Windows 7 slow down After installing service pack

Your computer slowed down just after installing service pack  ? Yeah ! I too faced the similar problem . I installed service pack on my windows 7  and as soon as I restarted the computer , Processor usage reached 50%  with no running applications. Finally found that the cause for this was a process called mscorsvw.exe […]

Setting java path for Tomcat

Most of the time many  people choose  to install Java sdk in /usr/java   directory.   After installing Tomact ( asking  jakarta  tomact ? or apache tomcat ?…. I think both are same   apache is group of projects and jakarta  is one of those projects name) , We may need to set the path of java home directory other […]

Sonicwall Global VPN Issue

I installed  my exchange 2010 email server on a rented server in a data center. I wanted to keep my remote exchange server and local client computers on the same domain . So i needed to install a secondary domain controller locally and run repliction between exchange server and local DC . Since I can not afford a separate vpn […]

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