Using Secure CRT to connect to GNS3 LAB

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I like the tabbed connections feature while working with Secure CRT,  it allows quick switchting between multiple  terminal Connections.

If we use windows default telnet or putty  , we miss this convenient feauture .



While preparing for my CCNP recertification , I faced a problem using  Secure CRT with Gns3 labs on windows 7. Though there is an option to select secure crt as the defualt client , for some reason it didn’t work more over, there was some wrong  path mentioned  in the default settings  (see below).

start C:\progra~1 andyk~1\SecureCRT\SecureCRT.EEE /script C:\progra~1\gns3\securecrt.vbs /arg %d /T /telnet %h %p

Actually you do not need to put dos directory name in the path on  windows 7  .So i tried  the command

“C:\Program Files\VanDyke Software\SecureCRT\SecureCRT.EXE” /script “C:\Program Files\GNS3\securecrt.vbs” /arg %d /T /telnet %h %p           (  including ” ” ).



But this returned an error message saying that the remote system refused the connection , from which I  understood  that it is because of windows firewall . I added  inbound and out bound rules in windows firewall advanced settings to allow  C:\Program Files\VanDyke Software\SecureCRT\SecureCRT.EXE   and replaced   %h     with  in the command above.









You can see  the secure crt connection tabs in the picture which  shows my multiple routers in GNS3.