Windows 7 slow down After installing service pack

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Your computer slowed down just after installing service pack  ?

Yeah ! I too faced the similar problem .

I installed service pack on my windows 7  and as soon as I restarted the computer , Processor usage reached 50%  with no running applications.

Finally found that the cause for this was a process called mscorsvw.exe  process  . This process is responsible for compiling  .net assemblies .

When we installed the service pack which includes the .net updates or pacthes   , it will re compile the assemblies in the background.

Once this process complete ,the  processor usage will return to normal.

If we run the command ” C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\(version of framework)\ngen.exe executequeueditems ” It will forcibly process the queued items.

On my computer the active ngen.exe was in v2.0.50727 so , I just right clicked on  accessories –> commandprompt and choose run as Administrator , then typed the command

C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen.exe executequeueditems


Setting java path for Tomcat

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Most of the time many  people choose  to install Java sdk in /usr/java   directory.   After installing Tomact ( asking  jakarta  tomact ? or apache tomcat ?…. I think both are same   apache is group of projects and jakarta  is one of those projects name) , We may need to set the path of java home directory other wise tomcat will not start , it just shows the error messgae “The JAVA_HOME environment variable is not defined”.

[root@centcmd bin]# ./
The JAVA_HOME environment variable is not defined
This environment variable is needed to run this program

Here is how i set the environment varaible for java home…

To set the java home directory  type the command from terminal

export JAVA_HOME=”/path/to/java/home”

in my case it is….

[root@centcmd bin]# export JAVA_HOME=”/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_26″

to set the path of java commands

export PATH=”/path/to/java/bin:$PATH” 

in my case it is ….

[root@centcmd bin]# export PATH=”/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_26/bin:$PATH” 

After setting up java path just run the command  [root@centcmd bin]# cat ~/ .bash_profile

which should display the  entries of JAVA PATH.

If we need to set java home and path , we need to edit /etc/profile.d

without opening profile.d in editors like vi , we can just type these commands directly on terminal


to set Java home


[root@centcmd bin]#echo ‘export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_26’>/etc/profile.d/

[root@centcmd bin]#echo ‘export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH’>>/etc/profile.d/


now we need to set the source file for java


[root@centcmd bin]#source /etc/profile.d/


now java home has been set for all the users .

now if you type the command  java -version   it should show the version of your java  .



Manage iphone settings from PC

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My cousin gave me his iPhone and he bought  a blackberry  as  he liked the some of it’s  features like BB enterprise service , secure data transmition.

I am not a big fan of  iPhone  so i never used any of the feautures it got except , the internet tethering  .There is no dial up and no need to click on some connect button. Just connect the iPhone to the pc with  the usb cable…and internet is ready to browse . ofcourse it needs to have itunes installed on the pc which will configure the drivers for iPhone.





Two days back I Think , I  was just playing with the settings on my iphone  and enabled Voice Over , white on black  in accessbility options , and then I stuck there Icould not scroll the settings window to change the settings  back . After searching on forums and wasting  some time , finally  I found that it can be changed from itunes itself.

In iTunes ,Just selected the iphone under devices and clicked on universal access –  unselected  VoiceOver   ( selected neither) .

Also  I found an option to backup iPhone settings and data which is useful to recover the settings and data later in case of accidentally deleted .

Playing with Gtalk

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Our business needs us  to stay  online  always and make ourselves available to  our clients . But at home , it may not possible to sit in front of  computer and wait for the customers to buzz .  So my requirements for gtalk were ,

One I wanted it to never go idle ,So that my clients will know that I am available  and the second,  I want the Gtalk chat alert sound more louder so that I can hear it from all  corners of my home.



To stay always available on Gtalk , I found a small application called gAlwaysidle (  , I dont know why their site is down now) . You just need to run the application and right click  on gtalk icon on taskbar and select the option wether  you want to keep gtalk always idle or never idle  .



Now , my second requirement is changing the default chat alert sound .

I downloaded resource tuner trail version from  and opened Gtalk.exe application with it .


Now i could change few things in gtalk like default icons and  default dialogs .


I selected 121 wave file under wave directory and selected edit resource from where I can replace it with my custom  sound file  ( before editing the file I did backup the file by clicking on Save Resource As).





Sonicwall Global VPN Issue

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I installed  my exchange 2010 email server on a rented server in a data center. I wanted to keep my remote exchange server and local client computers on the same domain . So i needed to install a secondary domain controller locally and run repliction between exchange server and local DC . Since I can not afford a separate vpn hardware in data center for site-to-site  vpn,  I just enabled global vpn  on my sonicwall TZ210 and  installed sonicwall global vpn client software on exchange server . I enabled split vpn   which  is important to seperate internet and vpn tarffic  ( I did not want my remote exchange serer use my office internet bandwidth for external communication) and I Created a vpn policy to limit  vpn traffic between exchange and secondary DC only  .

Domain replication has been scheduled for every  1 hour  and Everything was working fine , except .. the vpn communication brakes down frequently . But on sonicwall , global vpn session shows active .  After  2  hours of struggle , i finally found  the solution for  this.



The fix is , uncheck the check box  ” enable IKE Dead peer detection”  in  Advanced vpn settings


Also  I had to adjust the tcp innactivity timeout  -from 15  to 120 minutes.


Firewall access rule –> select matrix —> select VPN to Local  rules –> edit settings of  any to WLAN

Remote access Networks—> click Advanced     and chnage the tcp innactivevity timeout


You may need to do the same for   LAN to VPN  access rule .